Donations for artists and projects πŸ’Έ

The platform has acquired an important social function: sending donations to artists and projects!

Support the artist with a donation worth a cup of coffee or a balloon. A donation is the transfer of your emotions from the music you hear to the author of the work in material form. Getting by giving. After all, the most important thing for an artist is feedback.
Currently, the donates are only available in the FLAT.FM web application, in the next month we will add the ability to send money to artists in our Android mobile app πŸ“²


It is very important for musicians and artists to get feedback from listeners about the music they broadcast to the Universe.

Developing FLAT.FM, we constantly keep this postulate in our heads and add new means for feedback. At this point, you can provide feedback about the mix-tapes in the following ways:

  1. evaluate the mix-tape / on a five-point scale 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 /
  2. comment on the mix-tape πŸ—¨ / with time stamp πŸ•’ /
  3. add a mix-tape to your collection and/or playlist πŸ—ƒ.
  4. send a donation πŸ’² / in fiat or FLATCOIN /

The last item on this list is at the top of the pyramid of emotional response for one simple reason: you must like the music of the artist (project) very much to have a desire to thank them materially.

This may not happen very often on other platforms, but the FLAT.FM phenomenon is that we have a lot of music like this! πŸ’Ž

Donates can be sent to artists and projects. If you send money to support a podcast, radio show or any other page on FLAT.FM β€” it will be received by the owner of this page.

A prerequisite for sending a donation is that you have funds on your balance. It is easy to replenish it with a bank card, electronic money or any crypt-currency Minter Blockchain.

How it works

  1. Donate can be sent in rubles or FLATCOIN crypt-currency
    1. If the donation is sent in roubles, it is converted at the weighted average rate of Minter liquidity providers into FLATCOIN crypt-currency
  2. If there are not enough funds on your balance to send a donation, you will be offered to top up your account and then make a transfer

The funds received can be immediately spent and withdrawn. There are no restrictions on the minimum withdrawal amount.

Information table from β€” BIP course monitoring service

How to send a donation

Web application

The buttons for sending a donation are located in the web application:

  • In the user profile under the avatar β†’ button ❀ Donate
  • In a pop-up element when assessing the mix on 4 or 5 🌟
  • in the mix-tape card β†’ button "..." β†’ menu item Donate
  • in the pop-up help when pointing to user name β†’ button ❀ Donate

Android mobile app

The ability to donate in the mobile application will be added soon.

Donate sending window

You only need 2 clicks to send a donation:

  1. Select the donation amount from the offered ones or enter your own value.
  2. Press the "Donate" button.
  3. That's it! =)
Window for sending donates to FLAT.FM

In the upper right corner of the window there is a switch that allows you to change the currency in which the donation will be sent (fiat or FLATCOIN).

Optionally, you can write a message to the recipient of the donation, only he/she will see it.

How to get a donation

To get material support from the listeners on FLAT.FM, you only need to have an account with the status "Artist" or manage the project page. No special actions are required. Users simply send a donation to you.

All received and sent donations are displayed in the table in the Balance section.

All donations come in FLATCOIN crypt-currency

When you receive a donation, you will be notified by the platform:

Clicking on the notification will open the "Balance" section, which will contain all information about the donation.

Withdrawal of funds

Withdrawal from FLAT.FM platform is available only for FLATCOIN crypt-currency. When sending a donation in rubles, the funds are converted at the current exchange rate into FLATCOIN and credited to the recipient.

For withdrawal of funds we use MinterPush technology and service with its help you can in a few seconds refill your mobile phone account, make an order in Yandex.eda, send funds to another crypt currency wallet.

The number of merchants available for payment through is growing every day. Currently, the focus is on services of Russia and Ukraine, but in the near future we will connect other MinterPush providers, allowing you to withdraw money to bank cards around the world.


Withdrawal of funds, as well as sending, is carried out in one click. In the balance section you should press the withdrawal button and specify the amount of withdrawal in the window that will open.

Withdrawal window: just specify the amount and press "Withdraw" button.

When the operation is complete, you will be provided with a link that will open a one-time wallet if you click on it:

If you click on the link, your wallet will be opened - you can spend, convert or transfer funds further there.
You can easily spend the withdrawn funds on a variety of services


Thanks to 🧬 Minter Blockchain, we can use all the power and speed of the cryptographic software to transfer funds over distances. We convert all incoming funds into our own FLATCOIN token and use it for mutual settlements. The received donation can be easily withdrawn and spent.

Low commissions in Minter network made cross-border micropayments (and the donation is most often a micropayment) possible. It is impossible to implement such functionality in traditional payment systems due to restrictions and commissions they charge.

As a result, we have a platform where each listener can in a few seconds thank the artist or the project for the music with a cup of coffee 🍡 (for example) using the means of payment available to the listener πŸ’³ (bank cards, electronic money, payment systems, etc.), and the artist can immediately spend them at his discretion.

Try to go through the whole process of donating by yourself πŸ“€ to thank the artist you like for a long time - you will feel all the power and ease of solution that we have implemented.